Type of Vacancies Handled in the Past

We do not advertise any vacancies as all the companies that we work on behalf of ask that we work in a very ethical and discreet way, if you register with us we will then discuss with you individual vacancies all of the above headings have been placed with us at some time we may not have that actual vacancy on our books at present so it is always a good idea to call us to check what we have at any one time and we will bring you up to date with any current vacancies. If you are a company and want to register a vacancy with us it will not be advertised it will only be discussed with what we in discussion with you believe to be suitable candidates for the position/s

With Manufacturers:
Dealer Sales Managers
Regional Sales Manager
Account Managers
A&D Sales
International Sales
Sales in the Middle and Far East
Key Account Sales
Major Account Sales
Blue Chip End Users Sales
Sales Directors
Public Sector Sales and PFI Sales this includes
Educational Sales
Showroom Managers and Staff
Design Staff up to Director Level
Project Managers
Installations, managers and others
Factory Managers
Furniture Product Designers

Office Furniture Dealers and Design and Build
End Users Sales
Key Account Managers
Major Account Sales
Project Managers
Installations Managers
A & D Sales
Area Managers
Regional Managers

Account Managers
Design Managers
Installations People of all sorts
Public Sector Sales and PFI
Marketing Managers and Director
Showroom Managers and Staff
Tele-Sales Staff
(London Office) Tel: 08445 448991 - (Midlands Office) Tel: 08445 448993 - Email: info@spencerbrooksassociates.com