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Advantages and Spencer-Brooks Associates Services

Spencer-Brooks will never send you lots of people and CV's, because there simply won't be that many that will fit the criteria, as we will have vetted already very carefully the individuals we send you, knowing that as near as possible they are right not only for your vacancy but also for your company, so you will never spend hours looking at CV's and vetting unsuitable individuals.

As a general rule the people you want won't necessarily be looking because they will be producing figures and being looked after by their present company, it 's only when we approach them that they will think of looking at pastures new

We take the sting out of recruiting the right individuals for your company by presenting you a short list of suitable candidates from which to choose, we have had occasions when companies have been looking for one person but Spencer-Brooks have found them two individuals who are so right for the company that they have created another position for that second individual

When you are looking to recruit top-flight individuals for your company it takes time and one simply can't rush such decisions, so although we will keep you up to date with information you require we won't pester you into making snap decisions, we take everything your pace.

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