Information for Applicants

Spencer-Brooks will under your instructions produce curriculum vitae, from information supplied by yourself. This will be produced in our own company format. An overview of applicant will also appear on this C.V., a personal profile of you, your strengths and best attributes for the prospective company, any weakness will also be pointed out.

Spencer-Brooks will not supply your curriculum vitae to anyone other than those specified by you, you will also be asked before any C.V. is sent out to their clients, should you decline to be included in selection to these clients, then the C.V. will not be released. We will discuss with you at our first meeting, the sort of client companies with which you wish to be associated, these will be contacted without naming you, we will then endeavour to secure an interview for you, if this client asks for sight of a C.V. before agreeing to an interview, you will be contacted.

Spencer-Brooks will also discuss with you any client companies with which you do not wish to be associated; these will be listed on your file in order that they are not contacted.

Spencer-Brooks will advise if they feel that you are not looking at companies for which they feel you would be very suited and giving their reasons for doing so. If however you still feel you do not want to be considered by that particular client company, then we would respect your wishes.

Our job is to advise and give you as much information as possible, in order that you may make your decision with full knowledge of the facts

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